Batch Interface Overview

Schools and program sponsors may use the batch data exchange to interface with SEVIS. Authorized organizations can utilize systems external to SEVIS to create and update student, exchange visitor, and dependent (visa types F, M and J) records and upload the records to SEVIS. Organizations may develop systems in-house or purchase third-party products to communicate with SEVIS and upload and download information (system-to-system).

SEVIS Real-Time Interactive (RTI) provides batch registration functionality for the schools and program sponsors. (See Register for Batch Processing for instructions detailing the batch registration process.) Schools and program sponsors will extract their student, exchange visitor, and spouse/dependent data from their system into an XML file that conforms to the appropriate SEVIS XML schema. This XML file will be transmitted to SEVIS using the batch interface.

SEVIS will validate the uploaded XML file, process the records, and create a compressed file for later retrieval by the user systems. The exhibit below provides a high-level representation of the batch process and the data exchanged between SEVIS and the system of a school or program sponsor.

SEVIS Batch Process Overview

Image: SEVIS Batch Process Overview


REMINDER: Batch users must log into SEVIS RTI at least once every 45 days to keep their SEVIS user ID active.


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