Register for Batch Processing

The RO or an ARO for a program sponsor that chooses to use batch must register the digital certificate for his/her program. Organizations that sponsor multiple programs must register the digital certificate for each program.

Note: Prior to registering the digital certificate for use with SEVIS, download the certificate files with the ".cer" and ".pem" extensions to a secure location on the local area network. The procedures to download the certificate files will vary depending on the type of browser being used.

To register a digital certificate, perform the following:

  1. On the Listing of Programs page, click the link in the Name of Program column for the program that is registering to use batch. The Program Sponsor Information page opens.

  2. Click Register for Batch Processing on the Actions menu. The Batch Process Registration page opens.

  3. Carefully read the "Acceptance of DHS Regulations and SEVIS Batch Interface Security Requirements." (Print the page for future reference.) Click Accept to agree and continue with the registration process.

  4. On the following Batch Process Registration page (Upload Certificate), use the Browse button to locate the file with the ".cer" extension or the file with the ".pem" extension. Highlight the file name and click the Open button. The Upload Certificate page will display with the path name shown in the text box.

  5. Click Upload Certificate. If the certificate and the RO's or ARO’s credentials are confirmed by SEVIS, the Confirmation page will display. However, if the system cannot validate the certificate and credentials, an error message will display. Remember, only digital certificates issued by VeriSign are valid for use with SEVIS.

Note: The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) website and the Online Help contain additional information regarding the SEVIS Batch Interface process.

REMINDER: Batch users must log into SEVIS RTI at least once every 45 days to keep their SEVIS user ID active.


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