Upload and Download Processes

Connection with the SEVIS batch process is accomplished using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which is a communications protocol designed to transfer encrypted information between computers over the Internet. For batch processing, HTTPS opens a secure session with the specified site address for SEVIS. The user system will post an XML document compliant with the SEVIS XML schema to SEVIS. SEVIS will return an XML reply with the HTTP response showing the result of the XML document post.

The exhibit below provides a representation of the actual upload and download process between a school or program and SEVIS. Student and exchange visitor data is converted to a file in XML format and includes the school or program ID and batch ID.

Note: To upload and download data to/from SEVIS, the certificate with the ".cer" or ".pem" file extension is required. Also, the batch upload and download processes must be initiated from the computer on which the VeriSign digital certificate resides.

A connection is made with SEVIS and, if the file is a valid SEVIS file, the data is decrypted and transmitted to the SEVIS database. SEVIS processes the file and generates an XML file containing the results of the student or exchange visitor data that was processed. That file is made available to schools and programs for download the following day. Users connect again and download their file, which includes the XML transaction log results.

Note: A connection is made to SEVIS using the instructions provided by the school or program's Information Technology (IT) department (if the interface was developed in-house) or the vendor whose software solution was purchased.


Overview of the SEVIS Batch Upload and Download Process

Image: Overview of the SEVIS Batch Upload and Download Process


The uploaded data are saved to the SEVIS database and are available using SEVIS Real-Time Interactive (RTI). The file that is downloaded can be saved to the school or program’s database. The file that is downloaded may include two types of results:

Schools and program sponsors may use the batch interface to upload data to SEVIS during the hours in which the e-Gov environment is available (Monday 6 a.m. - Saturday 12 a.m. EST). All files received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time should be available to the user systems the next business day.


REMINDER: Batch users must log into SEVIS RTI at least once every 45 days to keep their SEVIS user ID active.


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