Login Process

To access SEVIS, you must first log into the system by entering your user ID and password in the respective fields on the SEVIS Login screen. Then click the Login button.

Note: SEVIS user IDs and passwords are case sensitive; you must enter your user ID and password with the same uppercase and lowercase letters each time that you log into the system.

Please memorize your user ID and password. Do not share them with anyone.

After three unsuccessful attempts to log into the system, your user ID will be deactivated. Contact the SEVIS Help Desk (1-800-892-4829) to have your account reactivated. Your account will also be deactivated if you do not access SEVIS for 45 consecutive days. In this case, PDSOs must contact the SEVIS Help Desk, and DSOs must contact their PDSO, to request a password reset.

Note: After 18 minutes of inactivity, a message will display informing you that your session is about to expire. Click OK to continue working in SEVIS. If you click this button after 20 minutes of inactivity, a message will display to inform you that your session has expired. Click OK to display the SEVIS Login screen. Any unsaved data will be lost.

Additional information about the SEVIS Login screen follows:

REMINDER: You must log into SEVIS RTI at least once every 45 days to keep your SEVIS user ID active.


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