Print Form I-20

You may print the Form I-20 after you have electronically submitted the Form I-20 and after you have made updates to the Form I-20.  

Note: Printing a copy of the Form I-20 requires that Adobe Reader Version 5.0 or later be installed on your computer. If it is not, see the Download Adobe Reader topic for downloading instructions.

Perform the following steps to print the Form I-20:

  1. Click the Print I-20 button to open Adobe Reader, from which the Form I-20 may be sent to a designated printer.

  2. During the launch of Adobe Reader, a File Download window may display. To keep this window from displaying in the future, click the always ask before opening this type of file check box to remove the check mark. Select the Open button to view the Form I-20.

  3. When the Form I-20 displays in the Adobe window, use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to view additional pages of the Form.

  4. Select Print on the File menu. The Print window displays.

  5. Ensure the name of the printer to which you wish the Form to print is listed in the Name field in the Print window. If it does not show the correct printer, click the down arrow to the right of the field and select the correct printer.

  6. Click OK and the Form I-20 prints to the designated printer.

  7. Click the Close (X) button on the Adobe window to close the window.


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